Sermons, Talks, Articles

I was asked to write a short article for the Church Times for ‘Mothering Sunday’ 2015, focussing on being a mother and a priest. It can be found here: Answering the Call as well as the Cry.

Here’s my sermon for All Saints’ Day – and perhaps also for All Souls, preached at Canterbury Cathedral on 2nd November 2014.

In October 2014 I had the privilege of spending a day with a fabulous group called the Gathering of Women Leaders. I was asked to talk to them about Authentic Inclusion. These were my thoughts on Eunuchs and the Wideness of God’s Tent.

Earlier in 2014 I rediscovered an article I wrote for the Faith pages of The Times online back in April 2010. Somehow I think the issues it raises are still alive and kicking now: When Mummy is also a Priest.

In September 2013 during a meeting of the College of Bishops of the Church of England I preached about intimacy in the context of leadership and my brief homily can be found here: Intimacy and Leadership.




4 thoughts on “Sermons, Talks, Articles

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  2. Simon Marsh

    ” … a world that needs an emotionally intelligent church to live out God’s mission with the unguarded extravagance of love.” – Absolutely. Thank you!


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