Here I Am

Almost every year for almost two decades Maundy Thursday has seen me gathering with clergy colleagues at St Paul’s Cathedral to renew our ordination vows.

We come from parishes, chaplaincies, church plants, the cathedral itself – wherever God has sent us to live out the Gospel of love, challenge and healing.

We are a wonderfully varied bunch, though not nearly varied enough on some key measures. We come, as John Legend would say, with our ‘perfect imperfections’, to offer all that we are and all that we can be in the service of the One who holds nothing back in the pouring out of divine love in the world.

I have attended this service as a young curate, as an associate vicar, as a Mum with very young children in tow, as an advocate for female clergy, and now with that deeply disturbing label of ‘venerable’.

All that any of us can bring is the unique mixture of gifts, passions, scars, experiences and fragilities that makes us what we are. And that is what God asks of us. All of it. Received and held in Love.

Here I am.


1 thought on “Here I Am

  1. Sue Saville

    Lovely to have you writing again – I love your earthiness – so important at this time of year when we can get stuck in the sublime rather than the ordinary! Sue (Saville)


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