Touched with ocean

Some years ago Lucy Winkett of St James’s Piccadilly introduced me to the words of Richard Wilbur, the late American poet and lyricist:

‘All that we do is touched with ocean, and yet we remain on the shore of what we know’.

Here at the beginning of three months’ study leave – the not-to-be-underestimated privilege of clergy who have clocked up enough years to be due some headspace – I’m standing on the edge of an unknown ocean. But not a geographical one. Countless people have asked me ‘Where are you going for your sabbatical?’ Answer: ‘Nowhere’.  Cue confused looks (because why wouldn’t you?), then ‘So what are you studying?’ Answer: ‘the Christian mystics’. Cue a variety of responses: quizzical, engaged, envious … concerned.

I should at least be going to Syria to sit on top of a pole à la Simeon Stylites. But I’m not.

It’s for very practical reasons that I’m not going anywhere. Yet staying underlines my unshakeable belief that God is to be found here, now, always. The divine in the detail. The breath of the Spirit – ruach – in the fabric of familiar life. And in the strangeness of local life too.

If I’m to immerse myself in the mystics it seems only right that I do it where the rest of my life is lived, in this oft-dubbed ‘world city’ where bits of the rest of the world impact, coalesce or pass through sooner or later.

So, poised with my toes in the ocean I think of my teenage daughters learning to surf in the chill of the Cornish waves in October. Out there is depth and adrenaline and salt and refracted light and being turned upside down and yet held and returned to shore. Hopefully in one piece but having experienced something new.

Bernard McGinn (yes, I’ve begun my study leave reading) gives us this definition of mysticism: ‘new ways of knowing and loving based on states of awareness in which God becomes present in our inner acts, not as an object to be grasped, but as the direct and transforming centre of life’.

How might we be transformed if we step into that ocean – right where we are …?


5 thoughts on “Touched with ocean

  1. Sue Saville

    I have spent the last three summers attending retreats at Los Olivos. The last two looking at the work of Meister Eckhart with Mark Burrows. I do recommend his book Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart. Meditations for the Restless Soul. It will be fascinating to see how you have moved on after this very particular sabbatical. Love Sue

  2. Anna Gregorowski

    Beautifully expressed as always Rosemary! Illuminating and warming in the dark and cold of winter. I love the idea of all we do being touched by ocean from the shore of the familiar. And being transformed right where I am, from the inside, is now my Advent hope and prayer for us all. Thank you.

  3. coachl2014

    Well said, Rosemary. Wishing you every happiness and enlightenment over the next three months. John Lawson aka Coach L author of “The Successful (Less Stressful) Student – ideal Christmas gift for teenagers 🙂 Take care, my friend.

  4. Maria Manuela Silva

    I am in the thrilled and slightly jealous camp! Hope there will be a book too, very fond memories of the book launch at St Martin’s. Much love xx


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